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The environment

Seyssel is a small historic town, the Rhône having in its time made it possible to

convey all kinds of goods and materials.

The arrival of the train changed the image of Seyssel, which nevertheless retained

its architecture as a river trading town. Narrow streets, *traboules", enclosed courtyards of

old middle class home from the end of the 17th and 18th century

Two weekly markets :  Monday and Saturday, on either side of the "Vieux Pont"

Cultural life 

On the right bank, an Art Gallery, Le Pont des Z'Arts, offers all year round quality exhibitions

Every month, Professional artists exhibit in this magnificent place.

On the left rank, the Wood Museum with the masterpieces of Claudius Abry, Master

Carpenter born in Seyssel. 

​In summer, many festivals enliven the region: jazz, classical music, reggae, theatre, dance...

Sporting activities

The natural environment of Seyssel allows

various activities: fishing, canoeing, swimming, walks,

cross-country skiing, horseback riding, cycling...

The ViaRhôna takes you to the sea,

The Saint James'way to Spain.

lever du soleil le long du fleuve
La Galerie du Pont des Z'Arts
base loisirs le long du Rhône
le Pain de Sucre à Pyrimont
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